How I Went from Broke to 10k in One Week with Event Marketing


Hi Bosses!  Let’s go over how in-person events, workshops, and seminars can help you book out services or sell out your products event after the event has ended!


Using events to grow your business might sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Before we get into that further, let me share my story with you.  For those of who you don’t know me, let me back up and share my story.  Honestly, my business wasn’t always profitable.  Some months I would make $500, or maybe more, but it wasn’t consistent, and I ended up having to return to my full-time job to help support my family.  I planned an event for right before I started back at my government job and when I walked into that event, my business account had zero dollars in it.  My business was broke!  From that two-day event, though, I made $3000!

Let's talk about that!


I made $3000 in two days after I struggled to make $500 in a month.


Within a week I had booked TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of clients.


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I’m not sharing this with you to brag, but because I want you to know that it works, and my story is proof of that.


So, let’s get further into it!

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You need to have three things right before events can grow your business.

  1. You need to be clear about your focus. Know your niche, target market, their problems, your solutions, and how your solution and business benefit them. Be clear on your revenue goals too. Make sure you know what product or service you need to sell, and what you need to do, to make your financial goal.

  2. Once you have your focus, then you can use in-person events to grow your business. This is where you need to implement your Event Income Strategy. Have a plan of action! Strategize and plan, so you don’t end up with unexpected results!

  3. Have an event funnel needs to be in place before the event.

More about the event funnel below! (Don't forget to grab your FREE Event Marketing Funnel Guide)


The event funnel consists of three parts:

  • -Content that educates

  • -Content that qualifies

  • -Content that converts

What does that mean?

Content that educates shows your audience that you know and relate to their pain points and that you can solve their problem.  This type of content attracts the correct audience!  You won’t get conversions if you are pitching the wrong audience.  So, pinpoint their pain point and let them know how you can fix it.  Be detailed and build your trust factor!

With content that qualifies, you are now starting to whittle down your audience into two groups:  people who feel your content is for them or people who don’t feel your content is for them.  People will think to themselves, “you are speaking directly to me” if they are interested right now and relate to your content that educates.  The goal in this stage is to separate these two groups.  The next step is to offer the group that refers to you right now a free gift.  This could be a printable, a free class, or workbook.  That opt-in helps lead your qualified audience to your core product. 

Now you know who is “qualified” or ready to use your service or buy your service and you want to invite your qualified audience to an in-person class, workshop or seminar!

Now, you have potential clients at the final stage of your funnel, which is the conversion.  At this point, your content needs to reflect your ability to fix their issue or further persuade them to buy your product.  Show your audience how it would look for them to fix their problems on their own or to book your services and buy your products.  Therefore, at your in-person event, they will decide whether they want to brave it alone still or hire you and get it done the right way.  Your event should lead to conversions!

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Lastly, you need an email funnel in place as well.  Make sure that email funnel is in place before your live event so that people who left your event undecided, or didn’t book you, you can reach out again later and draw them back in.  The email funnel is a last effort to convince your audience how valuable you are.


Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of planning an in-person event?  I got you!  My Event Strategy Planner helps you stay organized every step of the way of your planning strategy.  There are Event Strategy income worksheets, checklists, expense trackers, content trackers and more.  This planner includes all the things that you need to plan a success in-person workshop, seminar, event or class. 

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