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Stop Struggling To Sell Out Your Live Events!

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What if you/your event planning process for your workshop, seminar, or conference was easy, organized, fun and organized like a professional planner’s?


Here’s a secret: It can! You can!


Does this ring a bell?

Have you been:

In the early stages of planning a business event and you feel overwhelmed and stressed already?

Concerned that you won’t be able to pull off a beautiful and profitable event?

Deep into the planning process and you feel like pulling your hair out?

Selling tickets for your event and no is purchasing?

Anxious during the event planning process?

In a position where you feel like your event is draining money and it is out of control?

In a position where your last event flopped and you have another one coming up that you are worried will fail and don’t know what to do?

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then you’re in the right place. But, here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be like this!

The truth is…not creating a solid comprehensive and strategic plan of action for your event is keeping your from selling out your events.



Imagine if you could…

  • -Feel calm, confident and at ease during your planning process

  • -Have a clear plan of action for your event that allows you to be organized and get the best outcome

  • -Stop wasting time and money on your event

  • -Sell out your event effortlessly and

  • -Land event partners and sponsors like a pro

  • -Plan your event with little or no money at all

  • -Feel like you are in control during the entire planning process

  • -Feel like an event planning pro

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Introducing the Event Strategy Planner, the ultimate and guide and planner for planning your profitable event for entrepreneurs who are planning an event for their business to help you plan, and execute a profitable and event!

This is the same system I used to plan my business events that allowed me to shift my business when I was struggling to make money in my business. I used this process to sell out my events and host $3k+ mini workshops and seminars.

A few years ago, I struggled to make money in my business, I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I decided one day to host a workshop because I needed to try something new to save my business. My first workshop sold out and I was able to not only make money from ticket sales but sell out my coaching programs and offers using those events. A few events after that I had an event that didn’t do so well. I was embarrassed, hurt and frustrated because I had worked so hard to put this event on for my community. I realized that the reason my event flopped was because at that time, I struggled with organization and treating my events like a project. I was disorganized, I didn’t have a solid plan of action and I tried to do it all on my own or with the wrong kinds of people on my team. So, I changed my strategy. Experimented with different ideas. And what happened?

  • I decided to get strategic and intentional about how I went about hosting events

  • My very next event sold out

  • I spent under $200 out of pocket

  • I sold out my 1:1 service and products/ merch

  • I booked 2 speaking engagements from that event

  • I was calm and relaxed throughout the entire planning process

  • I made some amazing business friends and colleges

  • My audience is asking for another event just like that one to this day and look forward to them

  • I have been able to duplicate my results!



So, if the Event Strategy Planner is so great, why isn’t EVERYONE selling out events all over America? The short answer is a planner like this hasn’t existed and because some people still believe that they can wing it, or they can’t plan an event without an event planner, or that they don’t need to create a strategic plan for their event.


Here’s what’s included:

  • -A breakdown of what’s really needed to host a profitable event

  • -A breakdown of the different types of events and their pros and cons so that you can choose the right event type for your business (so important so many people choose the wrong kind of events for them)

  • -Event Action Plan guides

  • -Event type framework and brainstorming

  • -Product and Service research and development worksheets

  • -Event Planning Stages, Checklist and Timelines

  • -Event Income Strategy Worksheets

  • -Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly Planning Sheets

  • -Priority list sheets

  • -Program, Services and Product brainstorming worksheets (event upselling planning sheets)

  • -Comprehensive Event Marketing Plan worksheets

  • -Event Budgeting, Expenses and Income tracking worksheets

  • -Event Branding Worksheets

  • -Event Partners and Sponsorships Planning Worksheets

  • -Event Sales tracking sheets

  • -Event Team Tracking Sheets

  • -After Event Evaluation and Debrief sheets

  • -The investment for the Event Strategy Planner is $49.99




+I didn’t think that I could pull off an event as a paper flower designer and maker. I was able to sell out my event and now I am fully book and making TV appearances! Thanks to Gabrielle’s Elevate With Events Program - Rumbie

+I sold out my event and I am making plans to do events in different cities! Using Gabrielle’s event strategy techniques - Christine

+I have sold out two events and on my way to sell out another. – Trista



About Me:

I’m Gabrielle Leonard and I teach and lead a growing community of entrepreneurs how to use live events to grow their business and book out their programs. As an Event Income Strategy Consultant, I have taught hundreds of students and as an entrepreneur I have been able to use events to grow my business and stay consistently booked each month. Since implementing the strategies in the Event Strategy planner (the same as in my $500+ course) I have been able to diversify my income and grow my business at a rapid rate.



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