Package Your Process For Profit

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Learn the 3-step process I used to elevate my value and revenue by creating a client-centric paper planner.

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You Know Your Signature Process, When Done Right Has The Power To Transform Lives and Businesses


When you first developed your signature service the idea of sharing it 1:1 with every client seemed like a dream come true BUT what no one told you is that you’d soon grow tired of manually duplicating your process over and over again. Sure, you’re using all the preferred project management platforms to take your clients through your process and communicate but you know there has to be something more tangible and lasting.


Personally, you never enter your office or leave home without your notebook and planner. In fact, most of your cherished thoughts and product outlines can be found between the pages of your notebook turned planner.


What if you could start with a blank slate and put your signature process in the form of a planner? Now,  your clients would have a place to write their thoughts, take notes, track progress and encounter a unique client experience that successfully takes them through your signature process.


But You Don’t Know How To Package It

Because until NOW, no one is teaching you how To Package Your Process


If I had to bet, I’d bet that you've brainstormed countless ideas that would make your work as a service provider easier BUT…


You Tell Yourself You Don’t Have The Money

Guess what? Creating a custom, attractive paper planner won’t break your budget.


You Have Limited Resources

What if I told you that I created my first planner (the one that helped me boost my revenue by over 200%) by myself, with free and low-cost programs that anyone can easily use? And I’m not even a graphic designer.


You Tell Yourself You Don’t Have Time

Of course, you won’t have time if you continue to tell yourself that lie. Seriously, I get it- time is of the essence but trust me, creating a planner will save you more time in the long-run.


I Know Because These Were Once My Excuses

And I held tightly to those excuses until nearly everything was taken from me. Life has a funny way of forcing you into your destiny and when my island was hit with [insert storm] I was forced to eliminate ALL of my excuses and find a way to market my business in an unconventional way. Being without power for [insert days] will certainly make you reconsider time, resources and all the ideas you let get away.


During the time spent rebuilding my home, I also took a deep look at my business and realized there had to be a way that I could still coach, teach my process and get my clients the results they desired. I knew my process for planning and marketing sold-out events was pure gold, but how was I going to share it with the masses if I didn’t have power let alone stable internet access?


The answer was right in front of my face. A planner.

I guess you could call me a planner connoisseur, I’ve got enough to supply a small group. As I searched for solutions I found so many of my answers written on notes and within hand-drawn charts and tables within each of my planners. I was on to something.


Planners were helping me to organize my thoughts, chart my progress and move step-by-step through my proven process.


So, starting with an empty notebook I mapped out my signature framework and process. I considered the questions, feedback, setbacks, and successes of each of my clients and created my first physical product, in the form of a planner.