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Access the 7-Step Framework to Creating a Profitable Planner - which helped me grow my income by 272% in 2018.


 Create and Launch Your Own Planner In Less Than 3 Months

Ever wondered how you can create and launch your own planner with beautiful, professional packaging? Many say it’s too hard but millions of independent paper planners are sold each year.

What if you could find a way to make a profitable planner for people who really need it?


Does this sound familiar?

●     You’re a planner addict and you’ve always wanted to sell your own.

●     You’ve asked other planner creators for help and they gave you the side eye.

●     You want to sell a ring-bound planner but it’s outside of your budget.

●     You want to diversify your income passively but you have no idea where to start.

●     You think it’s impossible to create the planner of your dreams.

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then you’re in the right place. But you don’t have to continue living this way.

2019 is THE year to turn your dream planner into a reality. You’ve been dying to know how to create a profitable planner. Now’s your chance!


Imagine if you could…

●     Quickly design your own planner,

●     Easily create buzz and excitement with beautifully designed and branded packaging,

●     Effortlessly master your shipping process using your own platform,

●     Continuously earn passive income,

●     Skillfully market your planner to your ideal audience, and

●     Successfully create and execute a profitable launch plan.






This is the same system I used to create and launch my own planner from the comfort of my home. In 2018, I increased my income by 272% with paper planner sales.


I’ve always been obsessed with planners and knew I wanted to create my own. However, ring-bound planner companies require a huge investment for inventory--an investment I didn’t have. I needed another option to make my planner idea a reality.

I tried asking around for alternative methods only to find no one wanted to spill the tea. I was willing to pay for knowledge but still couldn’t find any classes to help me either. So, I spent almost a year researching printing companies and options that might work. After much thought, I decided to try a non-ring-bound planner. And guess what? My customers love it!

All I had to do was change my mindset and put in the work. I thought my planner had to be ring-bound. Once I let go of that idea and experimented with a different option, I realized my planner idea was actually doable. I didn’t need tons of inventory or money to invest either.

Now, I have a five-star product on Amazon my customers enjoy and a 272% increase in my income.

So, if creating and selling planners is so great, why isn’t everyone doing it successfully?

In short, most people simply don’t believe it’s possible.

You may be thinking this still isn’t possible. I mean, you’ve tried and failed many times to create a planner. Why would things be different this time?

I understand exactly how you feel! In fact, I almost gave up after going through two category 5 hurricanes on a tiny 32-square mile island where I lost my businesses. I had to start over from scratch and felt as though I was losing my mind. I never gave up though because I knew I wanted to launch my planner soon.

Do you have that feeling?

The feeling of knowing you’re meant to create an amazing planner?

I do, too! And the minute I removed all excuses from my mind, I showed up and did the work! I dug deep and created my dream event strategy planner. Through market research, I learned what worked and what didn’t. Then I turned “what worked” into a formula I’ve been using ever since. This formula has helped me to not only quadruple my income in less than six months but I’ve also been able to help some amazing business owners incorporate event marketing into their marketing plan.

Since September 2017 (when the hurricanes hit), I’ve:

●        Launched my planner,

●        Sold out of my planner boxes,

●        Used my planner as course materials to elevate the program,

●        Used my planner as branded client thank you gifts,

●        Sold my planners at vending events, and

●        Increased my income by 272%


In the next 90 days


you can


 Create a unique and brand-aligned planner,

●        Sell out those planners using proven marketing techniques, and

●        Diversify your income with physical products.

Are you ready to create and launch your profitable planner?


Here’s what’s included in The Planner Creation Crash Course:


●     A 2 hour and 45-minute video training,

●     A detailed walkthrough on how to create your planner like a project manager would,

●     Tips to help you come up with a profitable planner idea,

●     Insights on how to structure your planner,

●     The scoop on how to design your planner’s interior and exterior, including the software I used to design mine,

●     The best way to create branded packaging for your planner,

●     Simple ways to find elements, graphics, and unique fonts so that your planner looks professionally done,

●     The low down on how to protect your intellectual property,

●     Clear directions on how to publish your planner on Amazon,

●     Strategies to help you create a solid marketing plan,

●     The tea on how to master your shipping process like a pro, plus

●     A list of tools and resources I used to create, launch, sell, and ship my planners. 


The investment: $197

Limited time offer: $97


This course is for you if:

●        You’re done doing tons of research on Google. 

●        You’re done trying to figure out how others did their planners.

●        You’re done waiting to launch your planner.


This course isn’t for you if:

●     You’re not ready to put in the work to create and launch your planner.

●     You’d rather continue looking for solutions on Google.


Here are some planner creators who have successfully created a planner using The Planner Creation Crash Course: