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For female business coaches who are ready to go from hustle to CEO

Ceo,000 Blueprint

A two-day VIP experience with an easy-to-follow 6 figure blueprint for the female business coach who's ready to go from hustle to CEO flow.

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Imagine having a blueprint that:

Allows you to clearly and effortlessly execute your six figure income goals, sell out your high end coaching packages on demand and step into CEO status as you cultivate an engaged and highly productive team of individuals, excited about seeing your business succeed.

Now imagine what it would feel like to walk away from a two day VIP experience with a detailed and easy to follow six figure blueprint that you can implement immediately and start seeing results?

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It's time to:

Step out of hustle mode and into CEO flow

Stop stressing about the day to day and fall in love with your what you do again by implementing strong systems

Understand what it takes to make multiple six figures

Book high vibe clients on demand while traveling, spending time with family or taking that well deserved vacation

Actualize your Muli six figure plan

After years of painful trial and error I have been able to created a highly effective blueprint that allows me to step out of hustle mode and operate into CEO status.This has allowed myself as well as clients to quickly start implementing the blueprint immediately and master the art of being booked without overwhelm.


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Your dream clients are out there waiting to pay you without hesitation.

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However, believe it or not:

Being disorganized, exhausted, all over the place, overwhelmed, desperate and frustrated in your business gives off an energy that takes you off of the frequency of clients who are ready to invest into high end packages. High frequency clients can smell a hot mess a mile away, so instead of being gravitate towards you, they are repelled into another business owner’s calendar.


Those high end client blocking energies come from a few things:

1. Lack of systems, processes and procedures in your business (business foundation)

2. Your business being stuck in solopreneur mode rather that elevating to structuring your business like a corporation. (hint: if you still think that every dollar that comes into your business is available to spend rather than having systems in place to separate your money between your salary and business revenue then you need this program.)

3. Working with nightmare clients out of desperation leading to frustration and resentment in your business

4. Not having a project plan or working in your business like a project manager but instead doing things as they come aka hustle mode

5. Lack of an effective or productive team of trained individuals who have bought into your business mission and are excited to make it happen.

6. Not knowing your numbers or what it really takes to make the money you desire to make. Leading to you constantly putting out tons of offers in hopes of making money, rather than having a solid offer and being focused in what it takes to hit your goals

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Cultivating a high vibe business that attracts high vibe clients comes from having a blueprint that contains the following:

1. Financial and Profit Plan (break down how much revenue you really need in order to make that six figure salary you want and what you need to do in order to make it happen)

2. Sales and Marketing Plan (break down exactly what you will do in order to make the revenue you are aiming for being very clear on your conversions and numbers)

3. Systems and Project Plan (setting up systems and procedures in your business allowing you to step out of hustle mode and into ceo flow)

4. Automation Plan (automating tasks so that your business works when youre not, making your business more professional and high vibe making your client experience impeccable which means more referral clients as well)

5. Team Building Plan (creating a team building plan that attracts and maintains high vibe individuals who are just as excited as you are to make your business purpose, mission and vision happen)

Lots of entrepreneurs start off their business as solopreneurs and are in a constant state of hustle mode.

They start to make money and are constantly reinvesting, never paying themselves or dipping into their business money whenever they need money or they need to buy something for their business without ever really laying down a strong foundation designed to keep them in business for years and years to come.

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), this isn't necessarily true. The SBA states that only 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first 10.

I always hear these numbers tossed around but what does it really mean? What causes the failure?

After some research, and learning from my failures and the failures of people in my network I found that many of them fail for the same reasons...

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Hustle Mode:

1. Lack of proper planning- starting your business without a plan or continuing your business with planning every 90 days

3. Lack of proper business management- simple things like not paying bills on time or not having business savings

5. Poor or irrelevant marketing plan- using outdated marketing tactics, refusing to try new things or understanding what works for your business specifically

2. Poor financial management- not having a clear financial plan, a lack of fiscal responsibility in your business or proper accounting

4. Poor leadership- starting to build a team of people without a proper plan or structure. Not having a plan to retain team members for the long term

6. Scaling too quickly- starting your business and making lots of money so quickly that you think that you can keep doing things the way you did it before not realising that at some point you need structure or you will lose the money


Lots of my clients come to me overwhelmed because they have built a business on a weak foundation (or no foundation at all) because all they knew how to do what make money. Not that they are making money, instead of things falling in line, things are falling apart. They start experiencing things like feeling like they cant keep money in their business, not paying themselves even though they are making six figures, having a feeling of being out of control, being frustrated as things such as opportunities fall through the cracks in their business or even burn out.

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After a VIP
day experience clients:

1. Sell more high end packages

3. Work less hours a day

5. Step away and still make money

7. Stop hustling and step into flow

9. Travel more

2. Book more clients

4. Build amazing teams

6. Are more organized

8. Are more productive

10. Have improved mental health

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Here is the what the blueprint to being a booked CEO or Booked Boss Blueprint entails:

1. High Vibe Goals

2. A Business Evaluation of the past trends in your business

3. A Financial Plan

4. A Create Profit Plan

5. A Sales and Marketing Plan

6. A Systems and Project Plan

7. Automation Plan

8. A Team Building Plan


Join today and unlock:

Custom blueprint

blueprint guide

45 minute follow up session

bonus training “team building”

one month email support

VIP session 8 hours over two days

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Ask yourself the following questions (no seriously, answer them aloud):

If you are currently doing business in hustle mode and it’s starting to feel draining and/or you're resenting it, would it be better to keep doing what you're doing hoping that something will change or get a blueprint that has been proven to help you shift from hustle mode to ceo flow?

If you answered get a blueprint, I agree and so has other entrueperus who i’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Knowing that most businesses fail within their first 1-5 years because of a lack of planning, systems, poor management, no financial plan etc. do you think it’s wise to try to figure it out on your own and risk losing thousands of dollars or worse, shutting down your business hoping to stumble across the answers or work with someone who has been there many times before and has learnt from those mistakes, building a successful business and has helped many others to do the same?

If you answered work with me, good choice, this saves you time and money. And we know that time IS money.

Do you think that trial and error or going to tons of free webinars or consuming tons of free content or buying a $97 product that gives partial information is worth risking your business that you’ve worked so hard to build or do you think it’s better to take 8 hours of dedicated focused time to get all the answers you need and a customized blueprint for success?

Spending 8 hours over the course of two days in a vip experience with an award winning coach who has helped hundreds of business owners see a significant shift and success in their business or step into the next level of their business and make multiple six figures.

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