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The Booked Boss Society is a group of dedicated women in business who are ready to TAKE ACTION to up-level their success. These women are looking to sky-rocket their way to "Booked Out Boss" Status, but in a way that speaks to their specific wants, needs and luxe lifestyle.

The booked boss society is An exclusive membership community where each woman in the program will continuously learn and grow, day after day, month after month and year after year.

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My name is Gabrielle Leonard, Event Income Strategist and founder of The Booked Boss Society.

Helping women reach the luxury of "Booked Out Boss Status" is my personal goal as a coach, entrepreneur and teacher-at-heart. And after years of working with hundreds of amazing women, inspiring them to elevate and grow their business, I felt a sudden shift in my purpose. I realized that like energy calls for like energy, and I was inspired to take my life's mission one step further...and The Booked Boss Society was born.


The unique part of the Booked Boss Society Membership Program is that YOU are my co-creators, so whatever information you ask for, I will provide it at the highest, most-exclusive level:

  • Live Video Trainings

  • Q&A Sessions

  • Guest Speakers

  • Self-Care Workshops

  • Mindset and Confidence Support

  • Accountability Partnerships

  • Networking opportunities

Just observing will not help you grow. Googling the answers will not do you any good. Books and courses will only get you so far. Success is achieved through hands-on learning, high-vibe support and free-flowing information. I invite you to seize this opportunity to live that life you dreamed of when you first started your business: Happy, abundant, healthy, care-free...and of course, fully booked out, Boss!


If you are ready to invest in your success, work hard (and play harder), as well as learn what it means to live like a Booked Out Boss, fill out the application below. Spots are very limited.

See you there, Boss!


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