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For female business coaches who are ready to go from hustle to CEO

You have launched your business a under 3 years ago and you have been getting clients and amazing opportunities here and there, but you are nowhere near where you want to be. In fact, although you are making money, your business and your income isn’t growing at the rate that you had hoped it would by now.

You keep working on all of the things that online business influencers say to do but you still aren’t seeing the results you hoped you would. You have been trying to reverse engineer what other online businesses are doing in hopes that you would get the same results without having to invest but it isn’t working out so well for you. You feel like you are doing all the things…social media, networking, Facebook ads, webinars, list building because you know that they are important, but something isn’t clicking.

So you feel as though you are in a constant state for starting over with no momentum. You want to spend less time working on your business and more time being a thriving business owner doing the things that you are passionate about…the things that caused you to start this business in the first place. You want to spend more time working with your dream clients, creating and operating with ease and flow rather that frustration and pulling hair.

You are ready to hand over the reins, so that you can make major strides in your industry and leave your mark on your market. You are ready to stop DIYing things that is getting you nowhere and work with someone who can help you identify your income producing activities and host events that allows you to be booked out…

Someone that can help you get you RESULTS.

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My story

Hey Boss Babe!

My name is Gabrielle Leonard, Event Income Strategy Consultant and Coach. I reside in the US Virgin Islands where I run my Events and Marketing Studio by Gabrielle Business (Inspired Royals LLC.). I specialize in helping female entrepreneurs to create their signature program/product, host profitable in- person classes and workshops (and get event sponsors) as well as being booked out in your service
based business.

My passion is to see women in business live in their purpose and for their income to reflect their impact. When I launched my business in 2015 I launched thinking that in 1 year I would hit the six-figure mark. But six months into my business, I realized that I was far from that goal. In fact, although I got clients here and there, and stumbled across some amazing opportunities, I was struggling to break even in my business.

There were many months where I made zero dollars in my business. I felt like a failure. I had told my husband that I would replace my income from my previous job by the end of the year but I was not able to. Because of this my husband and I agreed that I had to get a job to help support my family. This was one of the lowest moments of my life. I am an overachiever and getting a job (in my mind) felt like I had failed. So, I applied for some jobs. While I was waiting to get an interview, I decided to host an in-person workshop. I was planned out what I wanted to say and was able to have a sold-out workshop and I was able to make 3k from that event. I was shocked. Not only had I stumbled upon a new source of income for my business, I was able to book high end clients and get invited to be a keynote speaker for two separate events.

That one class allowed me to make income, book out my program and land other amazing opportunities. I was exited! I started hosting more classes and my business started to grow. By this time, I got accepted for a job where I was responsible for community outreach and event planning. I was able to work with commissioners, senators, CEOs etc. I was also able to land amazing sponsors for events I planned for my job and I was able to learn some strategies that I still use in my business today. Six months after getting the job, resigned and work full time in my business and I haven’t looked back since.

I am passionate about what I do because I have been in your shoes. I have worked with some amazing women (and men!) who have gone on to being booked out 2 months at a time, and growing profitable businesses.


We exist to help female online entrepreneurs create their income strategy - allowing them to save time, money and energy in their business - create their signature bestselling program, host profitable events, and land event sponsors.


We provide high quality courses, trainings, events, masterminds, coaching and dynamic speaking presentations, geared towards elevating their brand and diversifying their income. We strive to provide an experience that cultivates growth and births visionaries.


To create a community of purpose driven, high performing visionaries who impact the lives of their clients with in person events and digital products and services, and are making an income that reflects their impact.


Approachable- There are so many online business coaches out there. One of the things that my clients rave about is the fact that I am approachable. You can ask me anything, you can reach out to me via email, or messenger and get a response. I am there rooting for you like a best friend who wants to see you succeed.

Well Taken Care Of- One the things I value is making every single person in my business feel like they are being taken care of. I have hired coaches and joined programs where I felt ignored and like I was being shunned. Because of that I am sensitive to everyone’s needs and we make sure that everyone gets attended to equally.

Results- Because of my past experiences with online programs I create my program in a way that helps you get the best results. Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will get results because that depends on your effort and you following through but we can guarantee that we will do everything in our power to give you the tools and resources to get the best results possible.

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1. I live in the U.S Virgin Islands but I was born in the British Virgin Islands.
2. I am a YA Epic Fantasy Novel Nerd (and Sarah J. Maas is my favorite Author)
3. I am married to an amazingly supportive husband and have two beautiful children (Malachi 9 and Saniyah 5)
4. I have 2 Dogs (Behr and YOLO) and 1 cat (Stormie)
5. I hope to write a fantasy novel one day soon
6. I am obsessed with pretty notebooks and planners
7. I love the Game of Thrones TV Show (it is soooo good!)